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A How to Guide to Keeping Your Air Conditioning Clean and Efficient

Spring seems to have come earlier than expected in Georgia. With that being said, who’s up for some spring cleaning? It’s not something we get all that excited about either but it’s important to keep your house and all its parts clean. That includes your air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins, which require regular maintenance [...]

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How to keep temperatures in your home comfortable during winter

We think it’s safe to assume that during the winter months here in North Georgia, most homeowners want nothing more than to turn their thermostats up to the highest possible setting to keep cold drafts out. Unfortunately, that is not a good idea. Constantly setting the thermostat to a high temperature during wintertime will cause [...]

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Home Equipment Maintenance Checklist for 2017

Can you believe 2017 is right around the corner? Like most, you may be planning for the coming year.  New diets, new adventures, paying off debt and budgeting for house repairs. Okay, so we’d like to believe the last goal is in your plans as it should be. Being proactive by maintaining your equipment can [...]

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Is Your Furnace Leaking Carbon Monoxide into Your Home?

The dangers of carbon monoxide gas in your home must be addressed given how common gas furnaces are in Georgia homes. More often than not, furnaces are damaged by water from air conditioning units – a scary fact many homeowners are unaware of. That’s exactly why it is imperative to have you furnaces checked annually. [...]

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What you should do with your AC while on winter vacation

Do you turn your AC unit off or keep it on while you’re on vacation? Most people may say that they turn it off to save energy. Common sense, right? Well, not exactly. Winter vacation. I can picture it now. The family all huddled together near the fireplace drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows after a [...]

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Nine steps to staying energy efficient during the change of seasons

Fall season is upon us here in metro Atlanta, and with that comes cooler weather, depending on what part of the country you’re in. Even if you’re not experiencing lower temperatures just yet, the shift in temperature will arrive sooner than the Christmas decorations and merchandise at your local stores (and you know those make [...]

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