Spalding (after) 86Even if your heating and air conditioning units seem to be working properly, it’s important to maintain your system with routine maintenance check-ups. Home Comfort Solutions offers reliable and affordable maintenance service checks for all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. To keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, it’s crucial to maintain your system with at least two routine maintenance appointments each year. The best time to conduct these appointments is in the spring and fall, before extreme temperatures strike. Most equipment manufacturers also require regular maintenance or a warranty could be deemed invalid.

It’s a part of life that sometimes things go wrong. Heating and air conditioning units unfortunately are not immune to this. When your air or heating stops working, Home Comfort Solutions offers an affordable and simple solution with a standard service call. During a standard service call our technicians will conduct a detailed inspection that will give you peace of mind that your heating and air systems will work efficiently through hot summer temperatures and frigid winter weather, ensures your unit’s warranty will remain valid, and will guarantee your system will continue to offer your family comfortable temperatures inside your home throughout the maximum lifespan of your unit.

Home Comfort Solutions also understands the importance of affordable pricing, that’s why we offer our customers the lowest prices possible while continuing to provide dependable and quality services. A standard service call is always under $100 – typically somewhere in the range of $69-$89. During a standard service call one of our qualified technicians will conduct a detailed inspection of your unit and diagnose the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

GabrielIf repair or additional work is necessary, our technicians always provide a written estimate and confirmed approval by you before conducting any additional services. There are never any surprises or hidden fees with Home Comfort Solutions. All of our prices include parts, labor, and tax and our repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. Air conditioning and heating tune-ups are only $74.95 for the first unit and $64.95 for each additional unit. New equipment installation prices vary depending on the products chosen by the homeowner and the installation techniques required. Prices are subject to change at any time, but you will be aware of the cost of service prior to any further work being conducted.